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Customized Furniture

Euronova's customised furniture is cut to measure,

not only in the literal sense of being tailored to a specific space, its dimensions and architecture, but also closely matching the needs and expectations of the recipients. We approach each project and every client individually and attentively, aiming to thoroughly understand and grasp their requirements and desires. Every project and order holds equal significance to us, and the satisfaction of our customers serves as the measure of our success.

Fabryka mebli biurowych Euronova

Our crafted furniture is developed on the basis of individual designs,

meticulously built with an unwavering attention to even the smallest details and aimed at satisfying the most discerning clientele. By bringing to life furniture tailored to unique designs, we co-create an unparalleled ambiance within interiors, utilizing innovative solutions and seamlessly blending contemporary materials. We achieve captivating results by harmonizing classic materials, such as wood and natural veneers, with modern counterparts like glass, stainless steel, or stone, as well as polymers and laminates of diverse textures and cutting-edge patterns. Throughout the production process, we exclusively employ tested materials of the highest quality, ensuring the complete realization of the intended vision.


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the branches we have furnished from 2016 to 2022


the locations where we furnished branches.

We installed our furniture here

Within the scope of producing furniture tailored to individual designs, we also establish long-term contracts and maintain ongoing partnerships, supplying our products to newly established branches or additional facilities of companies.

Euronova embraces unconventional and demanding projects across all spectrums without hesitation, eagerly taking on each challenge. While there are instances where a vision may initially appear unattainable, our team's professionalism, dedication, and collective expertise ensure that even the most intricate and refined concepts become a reality.

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